I have lived in Houston and LA, but driving through Delaware was just as gray.

I have taken January off from teaching to knock out some new work. It was suggested by one of my retailers that I work in grays and black/whites to keep up with current decor fashions. I'm religious about checking Pantone and Elle Decor for the season's colors, which I randomly incorporate into my flow. Although I love color and my last bunch of Buddhas, I love a challenge more. Gray makes me think of industrial sites, freeways, overcast days, and cities of my youth (Los Angles and Houston). I find beauty in decrepit buildings, parking lots, and old industrial sites. A stroll through my hard drives has produced much supporting evidence and some fun images to work with. Here are a few paintings I just finished, expect to see more by the end of the month.

Houston, LA and most of Delaware

and it begins..

My marvelous husband has a marvelous new job! This means I can stay home/studio and paint and create as much as I want within the confines of my creativity and energy. So... I have been working on a piece for a show entitled "Women".  Alas paypal was uncooperative and refused to let me make the financial arrangements so I will not be entering my art in that show. I do now have a lovely piece that can take back to the studio and tweak a bit..

to every party

Arts and Beats on Sunday

I will be at Terra Gallery and Event Center at 1st and Harrison in San Francisco from one to midnight Sunday with twenty smaller works for sale at their Arts and Beats brouhaha. I hear tell of many other artists being present. Sounds like a good place for holiday shopping, no?

First creation from first day in the new studio. new desk and chair i will most certainly destroy soon. First sit in chair. First use of desk. Many fine firsts. First first first. First now rendered meaningless in my head due to repetition at last. Read More